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benji  irwin // cinematographer

BRANDS/CLIENTS: Netflix, Deadline Hollywood, Sherhill Construction, William F White International, Rosco, Eyewords, BMO, Bell, BIG Digital Corp., Landed Entertainment, Blue Finch, Trepalm, FilmCoop Inc., TD Canada, Royal LePage

Benji Irwin is an award winning Cinematographer from Bancroft ON, most recently winning Best Music Video Cinematography and Best Music Video at the Cinematography Awards for Canada along with Best Short Film Cinematography. Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and  working in Toronto for the last 5 years, Benji has gathered an impressively broad collection of projects showcasing his ability to adapt to new styles and looks between each project. 
Known most notably for his work in Narrative, Benji has shot projects with mass success online and in the festival world. Multiple projects have since gained massive following/play on Youtube, including the short film “Stuck” with over 22 Million Views, 29 Episodes of “Couple-Ish” a non-binary web series that averaged 33K views per episode, and multiple music videos like “Imagine” by Natasha Heschelle & “Promethean Fire” by Panzerfaust. 
He has developed a reputation as a specialized Cinematographer in Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller genres with projects “Rancid Cargo: A Dead Space Fan Film”, “A Clockwork Seamstress”, “Songs My Mother Taught Me”, “Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game”, “Vile”, “The Overkill” and much more. 
In 2022 Benji made his feature debut as DP shooting “The Last Video Store” with Blue Finch productions in Hamilton Film Studios; the feature film is currently in post production set for a 2023 release. 
Toronto, ON

Karin Martin

Direct Contact
416 346 8155

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