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Directed by Benji Irwin

Produced by Tony Baldwin

Steel Hammer Productions


Prudence Njeri

Julie Vanderlip


Badly injured, Mirie manages to escape when her boyfriend is killed by a cougar on a camping trip. Aimlessly running through the forest she finds Vic; collapsing from exhaustion she puts all of her hope into Vic's assistance- but she soon learns Vic plans to assist with something more...

Production Details



Length: 7:45

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Colour: Color

Mix: Stereo

Writers: Prudence Wangu & Lari Bourne

Director: Benji Irwin

Distributor: TBD

Budget: $10,000 CAD

Principle Photography: October 14/15, 2020


About the Production

“Sleep Without a Dream” is Prudence Wangu’s Canadian debut as a versatile actor and writer in the genre filmmaking society. The short film began preproduction when she met with Benji Irwin, the director and Cinematographer of the project- together with their support from William F White they rallied an crew made up of their co-workers to handle the positions on set. With the overwhelming support of William F White with equipment, Prudence and Benji could focus solely on the story and how to portray it in it’s best light.


Prudence Wangu (Writer & Starring Role)

Prudence Wangu is a Kenyan-born filmmaker, bringing her own unique life experience and trials into each story she tells. Interested in filmmaking and story telling from the young age of 9, she officially began her career in 2016 by joining the African Film and TV Talent Training Institute, (AFTTTI). Prudence was able to learn with similar peers and be involved in multiple projects as lead actor, produced by AFTTTI, including short films “Dyslexia”, “Deja Vu”, “Flatline”, “Jonzi la Siri” along with a handful of others. Her efforts did not disappoint as she honed and broadened her acting style, being awarded Best Actress in Class of 2018. 


Not being entirely overtaken by the joys of acting, Prudence continued to learn more aspects of filmmaking in her time at AFTTTI; learning the basics and intermediate skills of directing and producing with a team. With her gathered skills, Prudence has been the creator/owner of her own YouTube channel (Prudence Njeri) where she publicizes her art work, monologues, dance tutorials and all of the films she has been a part of.

Green Production

Gaffer Gautier Gacon is a advocate for environmental protection and sustainability.

When the discussion between Benji and Gautier started, there was immediate talk of shooting entirely LED on location. At William F White, Gautier had been running tests on the MovieQuiet 6Kwh batteries and suggested we power the set with them. Aside from fossil fuel powered vehicles to transport equipment and propane powered heaters/BBQ, the entire set of Sleep Without a Dream was powered silently via these batteries. 


“We had an Arri Skypanel S360 about 15 feet up on a long john silver stand, that we were able to run off one battery for the entire 9 hour shoot. Gautier would be mindful of the consumption and would lower the lights percentage to 5% when we were moving between set ups. I believe we ended the shoot with 62% of battery power left on that one. The other MovieQuiet was powering the low consumption craft tent and the DIT set up- this battery didn’t go under 90%. I’ve never seen a happier location sound recordist!” - Benji Irwin, DOP

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